Build a Effective Rewards and Recognition Program

5 of the most unique reward ideas you never thought of! 6 steps for Enhanced RnR and much more…


Ebook coverRewards and recognition is a happy occasion for everyone involved. Being an HR, you get to spread happiness by recognising and rewarding the achievers and doers in your company. You even get some brownie points from the management, if the employee receiving the award was recruited by you!

However, as companies grow and the employee starts spending more time with the company, the novelty of rewards and recognition might wear off. The appeal of the rewards also depends on individual employees. For example, some might prefer cash rewards, while others might be happy with a word of appreciation given publicly in front of peers.

Developing a compelling rewards program will help in improving employee engagement and increasing their productivity. Hence, we have provided 6 practical steps to build an effective rewards program. To get you started, we have even added a mix of 5 unique reward ideas which you might have never thought of! Check out the ebook to find the associated benefits of the rewards and recognition programs and enhance your employer brand today!

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