Can HR be the Superhero to tackle Workplace FRAUD?

Quick tips to avoid ‘The Bermuda Fraud Triangle’ of workplace fraud and be a real-life Superhero!

HR SuperheroWorkplace fraud is a harsh reality of the workplace. Not all humans are created equal and some are prone to wrongdoings despite their best efforts. Being HR, you need to deal with several kinds of people and sometimes, you might miss on some blaring sign about someone’s nefarious nature. On other occasions, they might have been able to hide it well enough for it to skip your notice. Irrespective of all of these aspects, it remains a fact that committing fraud is not condoned by any organization.

This ebook provides valuable tips to help you be a superhero by saving the company from the fraudster and helping in catching the perpetrator. While there are several signs provided in the ebook to help you identify possible fraud, we have also discussed the infamous ‘Bermuda Fraud Triangle’ and ways to avoid it.

There are several tips on helping you catch the fraudster in the act as well as blowing the whistle on them. Download the ebook to find a detailed explanation as to how one can be a superhero for the office.

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