HR Analytics: Unlocking Insights to Drive Business Performances

HR analytics, also referred to as human resource management or people analytics, is a methodology that involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting data pertaining to the workforce of an organization in order to make customized and informed decisions that will ultimately benefit the organization in the long run.


It involves data-navigated metrics that are used to evaluate various human resource management aspects such as recruitment, employee engagement, employee training and development, employee satisfaction, overall workforce operations, etc. In addition, a key component of HR analytics also includes predictive analysis which evaluates historical data or past trends to predict futuristic opportunities, attrition risks, workforce drifts, and more.


HR analytics are essential to keep up with workforce satisfaction, workflow contentment, and strategic planning that robust the performance management in an organization hence benefitting it for goal accomplishments. Let us take an insight into the details of HR analytics and its metrics in this ebook.

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