Occupational Stress

What is occupational-stress?

‘Occupational Stress’ refers to the stress that is induced by multiple job related factors such as deadlines, superior’s orders, colleagues’ behaviour, their responsibilities, workplace conditions, etc.

The employees struggling with occupational stress generally exhibit the typical signs of stress responses. Based on these responses, one can identify which stage of stress they are in:

Alarm: This is the 1st stage and it might be induced by some short-term stress which puts the body into a ‘do or die’ mode. However, prolonged stay in the alarm state will trigger stage 2.
Resistance: The second stage will try to resist the body’s internal alarm system which went off in stage 1. However, prolonged exposure to stage 2 will cause insomnia, fatigue, irritative nature, etc.
Exhaustion: Once stage 1 and 2 are completed, the person is unable to take more stress and simply succumbs to it. People have fallen victims to lifestyle diseases due to exhaustion.

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