What is CIPD ?

CIPD is the abbreviation for The ‘Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’. It is a formal association of Human Resource professionals created to provide standardized qualifications for individuals willing to pursue a career in HR.
It is a worldwide institution with branches across 120 countries and over 135 thousand members. Being a global organization, it has changed names multiple times. It was known as the ‘Welfare Workers’ Association’ when it was conceptualized originally in Wimbledon. However, it has been known by multiple names since then, with the ‘Institute of Labour Management’ being one of the prominent ones during the 1930s.
The institute was declared ‘chartered’ in the year 2000 when it took its current name and it has stuck with the same ever since. Being an institute, it offers multiple kinds of programmes related to HR, including HR practice, employment branding, business partnering, etc.

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