What is Whistleblowing?


‘Whistleblowing’ refers to the act of highlighting malpractices in an organization by one of the staff members working in the same company. There might be multiple things that the company under question might be engaging in such as wrongdoing, misconduct, bullying, corruption, health & safety violations, etc.


The person who is partaking in whistleblowing is known as a whistleblower and it might be either an individual or a group of individuals. These whistleblowers are usually the employees or business partners of the company due to which they are able to study and understand the malpractices occurring in the company.


There used to be a time when whistleblowers were reprimanded by the company since it creates a negative public opinion. However, nowadays, companies have strong whistleblowing policies in place that encourage the whistleblowers to approach the proper channels instead of going public.

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