Bureaucratic Inertia

What is Bureaucratic Inertia ?

A company is said to attain ‘Bureaucratic Inertia’ when its core working principles shift from overall growth to maintenance of the over-complicated bureaucratic policies which have been developed over time.
These policies might even be detrimental to the proper functioning of the company as the employees might be consumed with the extra work as opposed to fulfilling their primary duties.
A common example of bureaucratic inertia is the increase in the number of employee meetings using virtual meeting apps. Although most organizations use it prudently, some companies require you to have a daily hour-long meeting, which is unnecessary.
Considering its impact on organizations, many companies are taking active steps to curb this tendency and nip it at its bud. However, existing organizations with this tendency will have to restructure a major chunk of their daily business to get off this downward spiral.

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