At-will Employment

What is At-will Employment ?

‘At-will Employment’ is a kind of employment in the US labour law that states that the employer can terminate the employment at any time without any reason. Similarly, the employee might also terminate the employment without providing any reason at all.

While it offers a lesser amount of legal coverage under employment laws, it still covers the employee against any kind of discrimination as well as other basic employee statutory regulations.

At-will employment comes with its own set of pros and cons for both the employers and the employees. The employee has the option to switch his or her job as and when needed without serving a notice period. On the other hand, there is no job security as the employer might fire an employee without providing any reason.

As for the employer, he need not provide any other kind of compensation apart from the minimum wage prescribed by law. Similarly, the company is not obligated to provide a reason if they decide to terminate an employee.

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