HR Chatbot

HR Chatbot
Declutter your HR and redefine employee experience by introducing smHRty.

Yes, our friendly HR chatbot “smHRty” is all set to drive human resources management and employee engagement for your business. HR bot helps you with almost every common HR related query. Most of the queries that employees shoot at your HR department will be answered by smHRty in a seamless manner. Most importantly, our chatbot can perform various HR related mundane tasks like fetching employee data, conducting surveys, disbursing employee payslips, showing tax deductions or explaining company policies.

HR bot

smHRty- smart HR bot

Employees simply need to type and send their messages to the HR bot just as they would with a human. Our friendly HR bot will then decode the message with the use of intelligent language processing technology to fetch the needed solution. smHRty uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to self-learn and update itself over time to serve your employees in a much better way.

smHRty was conceptualized and conceived keeping in mind the burden of HR folks when managing cumbersome admin work on a daily basis. The prime objective of our HR chatbot is to free up your HR crew from tedious admin work and let them to focus on other crucial tasks that require human touch. We all know that HR folks are tied up dealing with routine tasks that prevent them from partaking in management decisions. smHRty would liberate your HR professionals from the burdensome admin chores.

So why wait? “smHRty” is charged up and prepped to assist you!

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