Leave Management

Leave Management System
Automate and streamline your leave management process.

Streamline employee leave management without a hassle

Manage and track employee leaves with our leave management system. The simple and easy-to-use interface of Pocket HRMS software makes leave processing easy for both the employees and employers.

Online leave management system

Employee Leave Management Software

Stress-free and on-demand report generation

Get complete leave history of your employees with our leave management software. You can check employee’s leave balance and other leave details such as eligible leaves, available paid leaves, leaves approved, rejected or pending etc.

Enable managers to fetch their reviews and feedbacks

Pocket HRMS enables project managers to check employee details and accordingly fetch reviews and feedbacks. They can even approve or reject employee leave requests through this portal. Therefore, managers don’t have to ring up the HR department to fetch these details. This saves a great deal of time for both HR department as well as managers.

Leave Tracking System