Is it time for HR to look beyond spreadsheets?

Still in love with spreadsheets? Click to find out whether it is time for you to move on…

HR relationship with spreadsheetsHRs have had a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets. However, we are sure that more often than not, it has been love! We know that the easy calculations and the quintessential pivot tables have made your heart skip a beat when the numbers tally themselves! Yet, we also know that, sadly, this is not always the case.

Spreadsheets have been a constant companion of HR since computers were introduced into the HR domain. The ease of calculations seemed futuristic and efficient for the time. It was a super fast and convenient way to store and access all of the information about the company and the employees.

However, things quickly changed with the popularity of the internet and the rapid growth of metadata. Tracking the employees and their behaviour, taking regular feedbacks, exit surveys, complaints and helpdesk data, etc. soon started taking a toll on the humble spreadsheet’s capabilities. The truth of the matter is that spreadsheets were never developed keeping in mind the complex database required for the HR department’s functioning. If you are on the brink of breaking up with your trusty companion, download this ebook to realize that it has been a one-way love affair for quite some time now.

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