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Check out the smHRt features of Pocket HRMS!


If we were asked to define Pocket HRMS in one word, ‘smHRt’

would be what we choose since it exemplifies what we wish to accomplish. Infusing ‘HR’ with ‘smart’, we have created an advanced HRMS platform that not only helps in resolving the issues with the manual outdated processes but also helps improve the employee experience!

With artificial intelligence at the helm, we have created an HRMS platform smart enough to be automated, yet simple enough to complete tasks by simply talking to your friendly smart assistant, smHRty!

Pocket HRMS: Your 24/7 smHRt HR Buddy

Download our brochure to gain an overview of all of the various customizable modules which help your HR become not just efficient, but ‘smHRt’ too!

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