Payroll Software for real estates in India

Reshaping Payroll for Real Estate

Real estate is a growing industry. The massive boost was received by the industry with the “make in India” and “GST” rollout. The real estate sector in India plays an important role in providing the necessary infrastructure to support the economic growth in the country. The GST reforms have made real estate prices more affordable to a huge segment of the population. This caused investors to look at the sector as a promising investment.

The real estate sector is booming all across the country. This industry includes the construction of residential, public as well as commercial infrastructures. With the ongoing development, the demands are constantly increasing and so is the workforce. The real estate sector is gearing up to satisfy this increased demand. There is a surge in the hiring activity and efforts to retain the best talent in the firm to increase production.

The exploding population growth in India and increasing preference for the urban lifestyle have caused a steep surge in the industry. This caused a surge in a demand for new jobs, more housing infrastructure and office spaces. Thus leading the businesses operating in the industry to increase the hiring activity to fulfil the manpower needs. The growing workforce ultimately leads to increasing HR responsibilities and the need for better management.


There are HR challenges such as the management of payroll for the increased workforce. Pocket HRMS provides an automated payroll system that suit the requirements in the real estate industry. The payroll software takes care of the benefits and deductions according to the intelligent formula. The automated attendance tracking and leaves management system gives you an accurate payroll irrespective of the size of your workforce.


HR Problems Faced by Real Estate Industry

Properly managing the employee attendance while working at multiple locations

Difficulty in an increment and performance management for the workforce

Realestaet challenges-02

The management of the statutory compliance and regulations get tedious

Absence of a system to track the sick leaves, vacations and absenteeism

Get A One-stop Solution For All Your HR Hurdles

How Pocket HRMS Can Help

Automated payroll calculation

Paper-free HR processes

Paperless leave management

Automated attendance tracking

Mobile workforce management

Faster MIS report generation

Pocket HRMS can be a bliss for real estate HR management. It does all the HR functions of the sector effortlessly. You can always get updated attendance data and leave management data with a click of buttons. The software also gives insightful monthly and annual HR MIS reports so you can get a better understanding of the employee performance in the company. Additionally, the intuitive ESS portal provides the employees with an overview of their employee details, making it an excellent choice for the real estate sector.


We at Pocket HRMS understand that the real estate job requires seamless operations from multiple locations at the same point in time. With Pocket HRMS software you get automated attendance tracking. The employees can mark their own attendance in a self-service portal with geolocation tracking. This gives you the much-needed mobility and accuracy required in the real estate industry.


The centralized employee data can be accessed with a few clicks. It also makes leave management possible from varied locations. Working from different locations is no more hurdle in HR operations. You can do multi-location wage and salary disbursement from any place and maintain accuracy with automated attendance. This makes Pocket HRMS a right fit for the real estate industry. Also read on Payroll Software for IT Industries in India

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– Niranjana Neelakantan
HR Director, TESSOL

“We have been using Pocket HRMS for over a year and are very happy with our choice. Excellent service support.”

-Nishant Mahajan
Manager HR, EvolveBack

“The support team is highly admirable. Their professional and polite approach to our queries is simply excellent.”

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HR Manager, Ignatiuz Software

“Data monitoring and HR analytics are made easy by Pocket HRMS which is the future of the HR industry”

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