What is Whistle-blower?


‘Whistle-blower’ is the term used to denote someone who partakes in whistleblowing activity, which is the act of making the common people aware of some kind of wrongdoings, misconduct, or unethical activities by a group of individuals or an organization.


There are various issues that someone might think should be brought to the public’s attention. Incidences such as corruption, bullying, sexual misconduct, safety violations, cover-ups, etc. are all part of activities that a company or at least a group of people in a company might engage in.


Whistleblowers usually get reprimanded for their activities since it puts a bad image of the company in front of everyone including their customers, employees as well as shareholders, and other stakeholders. Hence, the law has stepped in and created legal rules to safeguard whistleblowers provided that the whistleblowing itself is legitimate.

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