System Changeover

What is System Changeover ?

‘System Changeover’ refers to the management of change of systems and processes in a workspace without hampering the daily work of the organization.


During a system changeover, multiple aspects related to the systems change and in most cases, they are related to other systems. Hence, extra precautions are taken that there are no errors during this phase.
There are three different kinds of methods used while performing a system changeover:

  • Direct Changeover: The systems are changed as soon as possible and the new system takes over directly while simultaneously shutting down the last one.

  • Parallel Running: The organization runs on both new and old systems for a limited period of time and then the company switches over to the new one if it is found to be more efficient.

  • Phased Implementation: The systems are changed in a phased manner so that the work is not hampered in this scenario.

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