LTA Full Form with Claiming Process

LTA Full Form

LTA full form is Leave Travel Allowance. It is a provision by many employers to their employees, allowing them to travel during leave periods and claim expenses incurred during such travels. LTA is a component of the salary package and is often subject to specific terms and conditions outlined by the employer or the tax authorities. It aims to encourage employees to take vacations and explore different destinations. LTA can be claimed for travel expenses within India and sometimes even for international travel, depending on the employer’s policies and regulations.



Eligibility Criteria to Claim LTA

  • You must be an employee who receives LTA from your employer.
  • The travel must be within India.
  • You can claim the exemption for two journeys in a block of four years. The current block is 2022-2025.
  • You can travel with your family, which includes your spouse, children (up to two children born after October 1, 1998), and dependent parents, brothers, and sisters.



LTA Exemption

  • The exemption amount is based on your travel expenses and your employer’s LTA policy.
  • It generally covers the cost of economy airfare, train fare, or bus fare.
  • It does not cover expenses like food, accommodation, or local travel.



How to Claim LTA?

To claim Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) in India, employees typically need to follow certain steps and provide necessary documentation to their employer. Here’s a guide on how to claim LTA with an example:

  • Step 1: Understand LTA Policy: Familiarize yourself with your employer’s LTA policy, including eligibility criteria, frequency of entitlement, eligible family members, travel destinations, and documentation requirements.
  • Step 2: Plan Your Trip: Plan your vacation trip within India and decide on the mode of transportation, travel dates, destinations, and accommodation arrangements for yourself and your eligible family members.
  • Step 3: Keep Records of Travel Expenses: Keep detailed records of all travel expenses incurred during the trip, including transportation costs (airfare, train fare, bus fare, taxi fare), accommodation expenses, and food expenses.
  • Step 4: Collect Supporting Documents: Gather supporting documents such as tickets, boarding passes, hotel bills, restaurant bills, and any other relevant receipts or invoices as proof of travel expenses.
  • Step 5: Submit LTA Claim Form: Obtain the LTA claim form from your employer’s HR department or download it from the company’s employee portal then Fill out the LTA claim form accurately, providing details of your trip, travel expenses, and eligible family members.
  • Step 6: Attach Supporting Documents: Attach copies of supporting documents, including tickets, bills, and receipts, to the LTA claim form as evidence of incurred expenses.
  • Step 7: Submit Claim to HR Department: Submit the completed LTA claim form along with supporting documents to the HR department or designated personnel within your organization.
  • Step 8: Await Processing and Reimbursement: Allow time for the HR department to process your LTA claim. Once processed, you will receive reimbursement for the eligible LTA amount through your salary or as a separate payment, depending on your employer’s policies.


Example: Let’s consider an example:

  • An employee, Ravi, plans a vacation trip to Kerala with his spouse and two children during the summer holidays.
  • Ravi books air tickets, hotel accommodation, and incurs food expenses during the trip.
  • After returning from the trip, Ravi fills out the LTA claim form provided by his employer and attaches copies of tickets, hotel bills, and restaurant receipts as supporting documents.
  • Ravi submits the completed LTA claim form and supporting documents to the HR department for processing.
  • Upon verification, the HR department processes Ravi’s LTA claim and reimburses him for the eligible LTA amount as per the company’s policy.



LTA Calculation Example

Let’s consider an example to illustrate how to calculate Leave Travel Allowance (LTA):


Scenario: An employee, let’s call him Ravi, is planning a vacation trip with his family within India. Ravi’s employer offers an LTA benefit equal to the actual amount spent on travel expenses or a fixed LTA amount specified in his salary package, whichever is lower. Ravi’s LTA entitlement is Rs. 40,000 per year, and he is eligible to claim LTA once every four years.


Travel Details:

  • Mode of Transportation: Air Travel (Economy Class)
  • Travel Route: From Delhi to Goa and back
  • Travel Dates: Departure on 1st July 2024, Return on 7th July 2024
  • Family Members: Ravi, his spouse, and two children


Expense Breakdown:

  1. Airfare:
    • Delhi to Goa (Round trip, Economy Class):
      • Rs. 12,000 per person x 4 = Rs. 48,000
    • Total Airfare: Rs. 48,000
  2. Accommodation:
    • Hotel Stay (6 nights):
      • Rs. 5,000 per night x 6 nights = Rs. 30,000
  3. Food Expenses:
    • Estimated food expenses for 6 days: Rs. 15,000


Total Actual Expenses:

  • Total Airfare: Rs. 48,000
  • Total Accommodation: Rs. 30,000
  • Total Food Expenses: Rs. 15,000
  • Total Actual Expenses: Rs. 48,000 (Airfare) + Rs. 30,000 (Accommodation) + Rs. 15,000 (Food) = Rs. 93,000


Calculation of Eligible LTA Amount:

  • LTA Entitlement: Rs. 40,000 (Maximum allowable LTA as per Ravi’s salary package)
  • Actual Expenses: Rs. 93,000


Since the actual expenses exceed Ravi’s LTA entitlement, the LTA amount eligible for exemption will be limited to his LTA entitlement of Rs. 40,000.


Conclusion: In this example, Ravi’s LTA entitlement is Rs. 40,000 per year, but his actual travel expenses amount to Rs. 93,000. As per his employer’s LTA policy, Ravi can only claim Rs. 40,000 as exempt from taxation, and the remaining Rs. 53,000 will be taxable as per the applicable income tax slab rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LTA in salary?

LTA stands for Leave Travel Allowance. It’s a component of your salary package provided by some employers to cover travel expenses when you take leave for vacation. LTA can typically be claimed for travel expenses within India, subject to certain conditions and limitations set by the employer and tax regulations.


2. How much is the LTA allowance?

The Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) amount varies based on your employer’s policy. Typically, it covers travel expenses for leave days granted by the employer. The specific amount depends on factors like your company’s policies, your designation, and the distance you plan to travel. Check with your HR department for precise details.


3. What is the rule for LTA claim?

The rule for LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) claim varies depending on your country’s tax laws and your employer’s policies. Generally, it allows employees to claim expenses incurred during travel within the country. Keep receipts and ensure your travel meets the criteria set by your employer and tax authorities.


4. Is LTA mandatory in salary?

No, LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) is not mandatory in salary. It’s an additional benefit provided by some employers to cover travel expenses when an employee takes leave. Whether it’s included depends on the employer’s policies and the terms negotiated in the employment contract.


5. What percentage of CTC is LTA?

LTA (Leave Travel Allowance) typically constitutes about 10-15% of an individual’s Cost to Company (CTC). However, this can vary depending on the employer’s policies and the specific terms negotiated in the employment contract. It’s advisable to consult your company’s HR department for precise information regarding your CTC breakdown.

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