Learning Style

What is Learning Style ?

‘Learning Style’ refers to the preferred mode of learning by an individual. Different individuals have different learning styles and it can be either discovered by oneself or by undergoing specific tests to find it out.

Famous American theorist David Kolb has theorised the existence of the following learning styles among individuals:

  • Assimilator: These individuals are good with abstract concepts, reflective observation, inductive reasoning and using theoretical models.
  • Converger: These individuals are good with experiments, application of practical concepts, deductive reasoning, etc.
  • Accommodator: These individuals are good with using concrete experience, experiments and prefer practical examples than theory
  • Diverger: These individuals are good with reflective observation, usage of concrete evidence and are good at having a fresh perspective on things.

The common four actions which are common to all the learning styles above are, having an experience, reviewing it, deciphering conclusions from it and planning the further steps based on it.

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