What is KSAs?


‘KSAs’ is the acronym used to denote Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. It refers to these factors that an employee requires, to do their daily duties effectively. It is also a part of the job description as companies require a candidate who would have the knowledge, skills and abilities to undertake the daily responsibilities of the job.


In earlier times, many companies used to require a narration of how a candidate’s KSAs would help in the job being offered. However, that practice has been phased out as it is not that relevant in today’s job marketplace.


It is also important to differentiate between the 3 factors in the KSA:


  • Knowledge: It refers to the knowledge and information possessed by the candidate.
  • Skills: It refers to the ability to process the data and make use of the available resources.
  • Abilities: It refers to the ability to perform any job-related task successfully.

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