Johari Window

What is Johari Window?


‘Johari Window’ is a method that is used to understand a person’s relationship with themselves and with others. Psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham developed the technique in 1955 as a means for the self-help groups and corporate settings as a practical exercise. It was named ‘Johari’ by combining their first names.


In this exercise, the employees are asked to select 5-6 adjectives out of a list of 56 adjectives which they think best describe themselves. The activity is repeated with other employees being asked to select the adjectives for the former employee who did the process earlier.


These adjectives are then classified into a grid of 4 as follows:

  • Open / Arena: Adjectives that both the employee and their colleagues select goes here.
  • Blind: Adjectives not selected by the employee, but selected by their colleagues.
  • Facade: Adjectives selected by the employee, but not selected by their colleagues.
  • Unknown: Adjectives selected by neither the employee, nor their colleagues.

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