What is Harassment?


‘Harassment’, with respect to the workplace, happens when an employee is targeted by either their colleagues or supervisor for bullying.


Workplace harassment can be differentiated into the following categories:


  • Cyberbullying: The bullying happens online in this case and the victim can easily prove that they are being bullied due to the ease of collecting evidence.
  • Physical harassment: It refers to the physical violence which the victim has to face as well as the threats, assaults, etc.
  • Psychological harassment: It refers to the mental stress that the victim is made to endure by withholding information or blackmailing or using any other tactic to demotivate and mentally break them down.
  • Sexual harassment: This kind of harrassment involves any kind of unwanted physical intimacy, gesturing, etc. which makes the victim feel gross and hurt.
  • Verbal harassment: It refers to using vulgar language or demeaning slurs along with raising voice to chastise with the intention of making the victim feel humiliated.

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