Competency-based Training

What is Competency-based Training ?

‘Competency-based Training’ refers to the training philosophy of training based on specific competencies. Unlike legacy training methods, competency-based training generally breaks down the training to smaller units that tackle a specific competency.

It is expected of the trainee to master one competency before moving on to the next. There are several advantages of this training practice when compared to the legacy training methods which makes it attractive for both the employees as well as employers.

Since the training is broken down into modules, an accurate time frame can be set for an individual module, which also helps the employee perceive it as less challenging. Similarly, as the modules are independent of the other modules, they can be self-paced as per the work schedule.

Similarly, competency-based training is also cost-effective as it is cheaper than deploying a full training program. Since the modules are independent, they can also be customized as per each employee to tackle their specific competencies.

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