What is Absent Without Leave (AWOL)?

AWOL Meaning

AWOL stands for ‘Absent Without Leave’. It refers to the act of remaining absent from the work without permission. It is an offence with some form of punishment in all organizations and hence, employees are discouraged from remaining absent without prior consent. Employers usually require the staff to take leaves with prior consent procured from reporting manager.


Hence, they would have strict policies against employees remaining absent without permission. They won’t hesitate to terminate employment, provided that they have communicated its terms and conditions with the employee during onboarding. However, in case it has not been communicated, the employee can raise objection against their termination.


Going AWOL is not advisable since it can lead to permanent blacklisting of employees, which could have negative effects on their career prospects later on. Such permanent record is best avoided by complying with organizational policies.

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