Simplified Payroll and HR Software for Schools and Colleges

Embrace Academics Administration Software designed for streamlined School HR management with Automated Compliance and Teacher Data Analysis. Streamline your Teacher Performance Tracking with dedicated Evaluation Management Software.


Have accurate data at your disposal for precise Attendance Tracking for Schools, Transparent Timesheets, with Management System.

Payroll Software for Schools

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Key Features of our HR and Payroll Software for Schools and Educational Institutions

Customizable Payroll Strcture

Customizable Payroll Structure

Geo tracking attendance

Biometric Geo-tracking Attendance

Multi approval

Multi-approval & Multiple Leave Types

Data-backed Performance & Appraisals

Interactive ESS portal

Interactive ESS Portal & Mobile App


Easy Staff Management with Custom HRMS for Schools

Feature-rich HR & Payroll Software with Salary Structure Templates, Updated Tax Slabs, Simplified Workflow, and more that will make talent management easier by automating key administrative HR processes:


 Streamlined Recruitment

Simplify your hiring with streamlined onboarding, attracting top talent.


✓ Stress-free HR Administration for Schools

Automated processes provide a better way for stress-free staff administration.


✓ Custom Payroll

Set customized payroll parameters for your academic and non-academic staff.


✓ Improved Engagement

Interactive ESS portal & dedicated mobile app for improved engagement & retention.

Employee Management

Pocket HRMS deployed World-class HR Software for Global Indian International School.

Biometric Attendance
Carmel High School digitalized their HR Team with Pocket HRMS.

Empower your HR with a Custom-built HRMS for Schools and Colleges

Make our HR administration a stress-free process with the best HR and Payroll software for education industry:


 Compliant Salary

Automated compliances ensure quicker payroll and timely disbursals.


 School HR Management Dashboard

Interactive customizable HR dashboard for the quick overview of your active employees.


 Biometric Attendance Tracking for Schools

Facial recognition-based attendance system employing geo-tracking to capture location.


 In-depth Reporting & Analytics

Custom reporting with readymade templates, custom attributes, and different file formats.

Cloud-based HR and Payroll Software for Schools & Edtech Companies

Embrace the flexibility of modular cloud architecture with HR and payroll software for education, schools, and educational institutions:


 High Flexibility

Immensely accessible software that can scale as per your establishment requirements.


 Cloud Architecture

Highly modular cloud software which helps you add and remove functions as required.


 Remote HR Access

24/7 remote improved accessibility and freedom from hardware dependency.


 Enhanced Security

Enterprise-grade database encryption and user access control for added protection.


 Hardware Independence

Avoid costly hardware since the software uses smartphone sensors for mobile attendance tracking for education.


 Up to Date

Stay updated with the latest statutory compliances with automatic updates.

Understand the requirement of HRMS Software in the Education Sector.
Salary Structure
Impact of HR Technology in the Education Sector.

Simplified School Payroll Processing with Customizable Features

 Multi Salary Structure Support

Customizable salaries based on employment type such as permanent and contractual staff.


 Automated Deductions

Updated regulatory deductions with custom earnings and deductions.


 Monthly Inputs

Option to input monthly data manually for further flexibility.


 Paysheet Lock Mechanism

Lock processed payroll to avoid any unintentional changes.


 Payslip Designer

Design your payslips with custom school logo for added personalization.

AI-based ‘smHRt Suite’ for Ease of Usage & Improved Engagement

 smHRty – Improved Engagement

  • AI-powered Interactive Chatbot
  • Automate Mass School Queries
  • Teachers’ Engagement Powerhouse

 smHRt searcHR – Improved Efficiency

  • Unique Categorized Global Search
  • Instant Data Retrieval
  • Avoid Complex Menu Paths

 smHRty IDentify – Improved Interactivity

  • AI-based Facial Recognition Attendance
  • Android Tablet Compatibility
  • Portable Kiosk-mode Attendance
Improved Engagement

HRMS in the Education Sector: A quick look at the challenges and benefits of deploying HRMS.

Ess portal mobile app

Check out the Best HR and Payroll Software for Schools & Colleges

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The short answer to your query is ‘Yes’.

Being an educational institution, you may have different kinds of staff employed in your establishment. You would have academic staff, such as teachers and lecturers, and non-academic staff, such as clerks and administrators. Similarly, you may have employees with different employment types, such as interns, contractual staff, and permanent employees.

The payroll structure varies as per the employment type. Hence, we provide highly customizable payroll software where you can define each aspect of your employee payroll, which makes it a highly versatile option for managing the complete payroll process of your institution.

The best option to capture the attendance of school staff is using digital options at your disposal. Most schools and educational institutions prefer biometrics-based attendance capture since it is accurate and foolproof. However, there is the additional cost overhead incurred in buying and setting up the biometrics hardware and its regular maintenance.

Hence, we have introduced intelligent facial recognition-based attendance. Your staff members can mark their own attendance using our dedicated mobile app, which removes the additional cost of hardware. Additionally, our app is integrated with geo-fencing features, ensuring that the attendance captured is authentic. Even in case of hardware failures, the attendance regularization option helps avoid multiple to and fro emails, ensuring a streamlined attendance and an efficient school payroll system.

With the help of school HR software, the teachers can use the dedicated Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portals to apply for leaves. They can also attach proofs with absence requests to provide reasons for their leave requests. The headteachers can approve these requests from their own ESS portals, which the teachers can check for themselves. As a result, the process becomes intuitive for teachers and headteachers.

With the dedicated mobile app for the education industry, the process becomes even more streamlined due to the timely phone notifications, which help alert the approving manager of new requests and the employee of the approvals. It also improves payroll management efficiency.

With the help of an ESS Portal available in the HR software for schools, teachers can access their employment-related information such as last drawn salary, leave details, provident fund and tax information, attendance data and much more. They can view their personal information on the company records and make changes if required without disturbing the school HR.

Additionally, the teachers can download their payslips and request various approvals, such as leaves, attendance regularization, on-duty, and more, within a few clicks. Moreover, they can also view the status of these requests with a dedicated notification section and any important update in the handy ‘Latest News’ section of their ESS Dashboard. All of these features result in improved employee engagement and retention.

Any robust HR and payroll software for education industry has several features for effective employee management. A robust ESS portal, an intuitive mobile app, easy access to information, round-the-clock remote availability, a simplified payroll system, and easy requests are some of the significant factors that contribute towards improving the overall engagement rate of the employees of your school.

With the help of an HRMS system, the HRs of your school can also undertake their tasks with utmost efficiency. It results in on-time leaves, transparent appraisals, accurate payroll, automated compliances, insightful reports, interactive surveys, and more, making the lives of HR easier. It leaves them with more productive time to strategize effective techniques to improve the engagement rate of your employees further.

Deploying HR and payroll software for schools based on the cloud architecture has multiple advantages over the traditional HRMS platforms for education industry. The most significant benefit is the round-the-clock availability and remote access to the database, which is synonymous with any cloud platform. Additionally, you can avoid the costly hardware cost incurred in the case of a traditional HRMS for education sector, primarily related to the procurement and regular maintenance of the server. The software can be integrated with other ERP solutions for easier management.

Another major issue with the client-server architecture is the manual update. Cloud-based HRMS always remain updated on the cloud as the software vendor maintains them. Hence, any change in statutory compliance is automatically updated on the cloud, ensuring that your business remains 100% compliant with all regulations. The database also remains more secure on the cloud with the help of military-grade encryption standards and user access control mechanisms.

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