Workplace Bullying

What is Workplace Bullying ?

The term ‘Workplace Bullying’ denotes the act of intentionally making a person or group of individuals undertake tasks that are not a part of their duty. It usually happens either between peers when the victim is new to the organization or group.

Workplace bullying happens between personnel of different hierarchies usually. The superiors demanding work within impossible deadlines, denying benefits citing illogical reasons as well as denying leaves to an employee when it is evident that he or she needs it, are just some of the examples of workplace bullying.

The practise has been abolished by law and hence, it is upon the HR department to ensure that nobody engages in its practice in the workplace. Similarly, as the definition of bullying is vague, adequate training should be provided so that everyone is aware of the same and has the courage to report someone engaging in it.

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