Five Factor Model (FFM)

What is Five Factor Model (FFM) ?

The ‘Five Factor Model’ is a model based on the ‘Big Five Personality traits’, which are:

  • Openness: Ability to be open-minded, curious and developing new solutions
  • Conscientiousness: Ability to take tasks seriously and being diligent
  • Extroversion: Ability to be assertive and enthusiastic
  • Agreeableness: Ability to be diplomatic and getting along with others
  • Neuroticism: Ability to react to any kind of condition.

It is used to standardise the minor variations in the personalities and behaviours of the employees and helps in understanding and tracking the same. This is achieved by breaking down the five personality traits mentioned above.
It has received multiple praise as well as flak for helping in categorizing individuals. A major pain point is the fact that it considers only the 5 traits and their subdivisions instead of covering all the traits of an individual.

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