Dual Labour Markets

What is Dual Labour Markets?


‘Dual Labour Markets’ is a concept created by renowned American economists Doeringer and Piore. In the 1970s, they noticed that the labour market is divided into 2 classes: one with high-salaried, important roles filled by white-collared employees and the other with lower pay, poor working conditions occupied by blue-collared workers.


It was also observed that the second group of labourers were filled with either women, ethnic minorities or the downtrodden. The initial analysis resulted in the understanding that they had to do these jobs as they are simply not as skilled as the first class of workers. However, later on, it was found that this happened due to a lack of opportunities and discrimination against them.


This kind of segregation helped in highlighting the ill effects of these discriminations. However, experts believe that nowadays, in the 21st century, this has further been divided into a wide variety of labour markets and further analysis might reveal the actual segregation between them.

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