Cognitive Computing

What is Cognitive Computing?


‘Cognitive Computing’ refers to the kind of computing which employs the fields of artificial intelligence and signal processing for computing. It is mainly used to simulate complex human thinking patterns and arrive at conclusions that might be ambiguous with normal computing.


Cognitive Computing analyzes data from various sources employing artificial intelligence principles to suggest the best possible outcome of a situation. It is used in combination with data mining, neural processing, and pattern recognition to resolve issues that are impossible for a legacy computing system to solve.


The 4 defining characteristics of a cognitive computing system are:


    1. Adaptive: They can evolve with time by mining large data sets and processing them to resolve advanced problems
    2. Contextual: They can provide different solutions based on the context and make sure changes are implemented differently as per the context.
    3. Interactive: They can interact with other computing systems and with humans to arrive at the solution
    4. Iterative: They can retain existing solutions and make changes to the algorithm to make better solutions.

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