Big Five Personality Traits

What is Big Five Personality Traits?


The ‘Big Five Personality Traits’ are a set of five inherent personality traits that are used to describe the variations in the personality of an individual. These traits include:

  • Openness: Ability to be open-minded, curious and developing new solutions
  • Conscientiousness: Ability to take tasks seriously and being diligent
  • Extroversion: Ability to be assertive and enthusiastic
  • Agreeableness: Ability to be diplomatic and getting along with others
  • Neuroticism: Ability to react to any kind of condition.


They are abbreviated as OCEAN and they are the foundation of the Five Factor Model (FFM) as they help in grouping the individuals based on their big five personality traits. Researchers have also found these traits to be relatively stable throughout a lifetime.

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