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The objective of the ESS portal is that every employee should be able to mark their attendance, apply for leaves, check their salary details, as well as download their Pay slips directly using the portal. Additionally, the managers can directly approve their team members’ leaves, regularize their attendance and approve the on-duty requests of their employees using the portal.


The employees can also view various types of reports and check their leave balance using the ESS portal. They can view or update their personal details, employee details and other data such as their family information, date of joining, nominee information, emergency contacts, employment history, training details, etc. They can also view the general organizational information and policies in this portal.


Once an employee logs into their ESS Portal, they are greeted by the ‘Dashboard’. In this dashboard, employees can view the data related to attendance, in-out details, leave summary, salary details, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, latest news, and much more.


Employee Self Service Portal



In the Profile page, the employees can view details related to their profile. Below are the options available in the Profile page:


My Profile

In ‘My Profile’, the employees can view and update their employment details, personal details and other additional details.


Other Details

In ‘Other Details’, the employee can view and update their family details, academic information, joining details, upload employee documents, enter emergency contact, provide nominee details, employee history, languages known and training details.


HR Tools

Under the ‘HR Tools’ menu, they will be able to find the contact information of various company departments, the company policies and other general information related to their company.


My Salary Details

The employees would be able to download their payslips and view their provident fund details with this menu.


My Tax Details

In ‘Tax Details’, employees can declare their tax amount and upload proof of documents related to income tax declaration.


My Loan Details

In ‘My Loan Details’, employees can request for a loan and check their paid amount, balance loan amount, etc.



In the Leave module, employees can apply for leaves, regularize their attendance and apply for on-duty. They can view the status of applied leaves, regularization requests and their on-duty requests, and can also view their annual attendance summary on a single page.


The manager can approve or reject their team members’ leaves, regularization requests and their on-duty requests from the ESS portal. While approving any request, the manager can also check the details and the supporting documents uploaded by the employees while applying that request. Managers can assign the shift to their members directly from their ESS portal.


The admin and HR have the rights to directly approve or reject the records of any pending request of any employee in the company. They can also view the attendance summary of all the employees either monthly and yearly.


Common Paths

For applying leave or attendance regularization or on-duty:

  • Leave > Request > Leave / Attendance Regularization / On-duty




  • For checking their personal report: Leave > My Report
  • For checking the team’s report: Leave > My Team Report
  • For checking employee report: Leave > Employee Report


leave balance


In the Reports section, the employee, manager and admin can view various types of reports and can export that data in an Excel File. While searching for any data, they can apply various types of filters too.


leave details



By following the paths above, you will be able to navigate and use the ESS portal efficiently. We have tried to develop the portal as intuitive as possible; however, we are always open to suggestions and feedback.


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