Automate Leave Management and Boost Workforce Efficiency with Pocket HRMS

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Automate Leave Management
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Every organisation needs to have a rock-steady leave management system to manage leaves, track leave requests, calculate balance leaves and process payroll accurately.


Pocket HRMS is a comprehensive and cloud based payroll software that comes with a powerful, holistic and automated leave management module to help address the various painpoints of leave management in an efficient manner, be it for a small or mid-sized business.


This cloud based HR software helps streamline the entire leave management process thus, facilitating HR professionals to manage leaves and absenteeism in an accurate, transparent and efficient way.


Statutory and regulatory compliant, Pocket HRMS offers employees of an organisation with unparalleled flexibility when it comes to, leave approval, leave requests, leave balances, etc. without hindering productivity at work.


Here is a quick rundown on the key benefits of automated leave management offered by our cloud-based HCM software:

  • Efficient management and tracking of leave requests, approvals, balance and much more
  • Automated leave entries and records
  • Comp-off entry in real-time
  • Leaves to payroll tracking
  • Detailed MIS reports
  • History of leaves rejected, approved and requested
  • Leaves eligibility
  • Defined leave types (LOP, SL, PL, CL), special/maternity, etc.
  • Holiday Calendar


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Why have an automated leave management system?

Employees need time off be it due to sickness or a holiday and also, they might at times need to work overtime. Thereby, it is imperative to keep a track of all the leaves for error-free and timely payroll processing.


If you intend to execute it manually, then be ready to indulge in time-consuming and cumbersome processes to update, manage and track leave records of your employees. Failing to do so might lead to delayed payday and inaccuracies in payroll computation, which might result in unsatisfied employees at your organisation.


In addition, for a growing company, this task turns even more mammoth and tedious surging the need to have a cloud based HRMS solution equipped with an efficient and robust automated leave management module. Also, maintaining overtime and leave data manually can uproot a galore of errors in pay computations leading to inaccurate compensations subsequently irking the employees.


On the other hand, outsourcing the payroll process doesn’t seem a viable option for a small or mid-sized business particularly at a time when it is struggling to achieve a strong foothold in the industry. Therefore, having a cloud based payroll software is the perfect resort here.


To address these aforementioned painpoints, consider using Pocket HRMS for the excellent benefits it has in store for you. Pocket HRMS is a robust and automated salary software that works toward accurate leave management resulting in flawless payroll calculations. Managing overtime and dealing with leave requests in real time no more a dreadful task.


Simply put, it helps simplify and streamline the meticulous and tedious process of leave management and thus, is a great boon to HR professionals. Since Pocket HRMS is a fully customisable and scalable cloud based payroll software, it grows with the business. In addition, with pay-as-you-go subscription models, it is simply the best for SMEs to manage their payroll at a budget-friendly price.


Compatible with all kinds of time and attendance tracking devices/biometric systems used in organisations these days, Pocket HRMS supports excellent integration with all and doesn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to efficient and flawless leave management.


Manage leave encashment, balance leaves, approvals, generate detailed MIS leave reports and many stuffs pertaining to attendance and leave with this cloud based HCM software only at the cost of a few clicks.


So Pocket HRMS is your passkey when it comes to automating the complex to handle leave management processes and boost workforce efficiency.


To know in detail how Pocket HRMS can help achieve this, contact us to request a demo.

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