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Integrations Overview

Right from the ideation of Pocket HRMS, our core belief has been to solve HR problems with next-gen solutions and provide a seamless experience for you. Hence, we are proud to introduce - ‘Pocket HRMS integrations’!

By integrating other tools which you use daily with Pocket HRMS, we have been able to increase the overall functionality of our robust feature-packed software suite for you!

Modern companies are moving their network systems and applications to the cloud for the promise of agility, enhanced productivity, and cost reduction - and now it is your turn.


Tally has become synonymous with accounting and finance. With more than 2 million active business users, it has simply become the go-to solution to fulfil any company’s accounting needs. Hence, integrating Tally with Pocket HRMS was a no-brainer. This will not only help in maintaining data consistency but also improve the user experience by making the process of data import and export seamless.

SAP Hana

Being a high-performance in-memory database, SAP Hana is one of the best when it comes to database management. Our SAP Hana integration will enable you to capitalize on its processing capabilities as well as enhance the data retrieval speed and help you get what you want with simple natural language queries with virtually no waiting period.

Sage X3

Being a trusted brand in the ERP realm, Sage X3 helps you take care of your business with greater efficiency, flexibility and insight. Sage X3 integration has helped us cater to large scale Enterprises that require robust and dynamic solutions for their HR requirements with minimal implementation disruptions.

Sage 300cloud

Since it is an all-encompassing software, we understand that it is one of the most preferred ERP solutions sought by SMEs. This integration will ultimately provide a smooth and consistent exchange of information for your business between Sage 300cloud and Pocket HRMS.

Coming Soon

We are continuously working on more integrations for Pocket HRMS.

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