Biometric Attendance

Biometric Attendance System
Track and manage employee time and attendance automatically.

Increases employee morale

Accurate attendance tracking paves way for error-free payroll. When employees do not receive correct pay for the work they performed or number of hours they spent, they tend to feel undervalued and dissatisfied. Our biometric attendance system eliminates the reason to worry and encourages employees not to worry about errors that may affect their remuneration.

Biometric attendance machine

Best biometric attendance system

Easier integration and Compliance

Pocket HRMS supports seamless integration with most of the biometric attendance machines in use these days making it the best biometric attendance system. Employee time tracking software makes it easy to manage multiple shifts and overtime. Our biometric attendance system enables error-free attendance management reducing risks of human errors. It also helps in implementing all local and state employment regulations concerning early leaves, overtime and other employment regulations.

Auto generate payslips and HR reports

Another quintessential feature of our biometric attendance system is that it generates payslips and important reports on the go. It can upload bank statements and expense reimbursement reports of your employees. Pocket HRMS assists you in verifying payroll calculations before disbursing salaries by providing a quick preview of salary reports.

Best biometric attendance system in India