Training Management

Training Management System
Connect with your employees even before they get aboard!

Effortless employee on-boarding!

Pocket HRMS’ training management system makes the entire process of employee on-boarding and training a piece of cake. Yes, our online training management system allows HR personnel to create learning and training blueprints for employees on the go, create customisable email templates, all from an interactive and friendly dashboard. Track ROI and costs for all the training programs from a unified platform.

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training management software

Get a bird’s-eye view of employee training programs

Pocket HRMS’ training management system helps identify skill gaps in employees and offers opportunities for training programs. Create multiple training and exam courses based on project and employee needs. Managers can view and map the effectiveness and performance of training programs for multiple employees at the click of a button.

Streamlined employee training

We at Pocket HRMS know how daunting it is to implement and manage employee training programs. Our training management system is devised to address this common yet biggest challenge for HR and businesses. Our online training software serves as a perfect sidekick to help create a transparent career and growth pathway for your employees.

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