Payroll Software for Construction Company
Redefining payroll for contractors!

Payroll for contractors, construction companies to be specific is often an administrative challenge. Complex union policies and pay rules make it cumbersome for the HR departments at construction companies to manage payroll. Adding to grievances are payroll and tax management for multiple locations with varied state regulations. This triggers the need to search the best payroll software for construction company to avoid costly tax and payroll errors. Pocket HRMS is one of the leading and preferred payroll software for contractors across the nation for its ability to streamline and simplify payroll for the labour-intensive organisations.   

HR Challenges for Construction Companies:
  • Running multi-state and multi-union payroll.
  • Calculating overtime.
  • Integrating and extracting attendance from biometric systems.
  • Off-site time/attendance tracking.
  • Calculation of labour wages by job type/hour.
  • Managing employment benefits, tax and insurance.
  • Providing employees with timely and accurate payroll data.
  • Problems with labour law compliance.
  • Leave management.
Manage your Greatest Asset with Pocket HRMS
  • Calculates and processes payroll according to the number of hours worked.
  • Calculates overtime.
  • Processes and runs payroll for multi-state, multi-union with multiple companies.
  • Integrates seamlessly with biometric systems for efficient time/attendance tracking.
  • Manages payroll fringe benefits, taxes and insurance.
  • Automates shifts time tracking.
  • Labour law compliance.
  • Leave management.
  • Controls HR overheads.
Our payroll software for construction company renders better visibility and insights into key HR functions helping payroll and HR crew spend less time on cumbersome admin work whilst providing employees with accurate and transparent payroll information. Mitigating HR and compliance risks just got a lot easier with the best payroll software for construction company at your disposal!