Pocket HRMS- Vision & Mission

Pocket HRMS, previously known as Pocket HCM is an end- to-end HR management solution. Pocket HRMS is devised keeping in mind the daily hustle-bustle of HR life and trends to make HR processes friendly while keeping intact all the fun elements and human touch. Pocket HRMS is fully scalable HR solution and aims to bring a change in the working dynamics of the HR department. Pocket HRMS takes Pocket HCM many steps ahead by introducing revolutionary features like HR Bot to its users. With profound ideas being implemented at a rapid speed, Pocket HRMS continues to be among the top players in Cloud HR domain.

For a company, its employees are the greatest asset and strength. Surviving in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem requires hiring and retaining the best talents for a company to stay ahead of the curve and achieve the desired growth. This is where HR (human resources) comes into picture, as HR is the one responsible for screening, interviewing, hiring and retaining the best folks for a business. The role of a typical HR includes everyday tasks such as maintaining employee data to employee training and engagement. However, unfortunately most of the HR departments are tied up with tedious admin chores eating up a lot of time and efforts thus, preventing them from focusing other critical HR functions. This is the reason it is imperative to arm your HR with the right tool for better productivity and efficiency. Real time updates, instant report generation, mobile access, etc. are few things that today’s breed of HR craves for and Pocket HRMS sits quite well here. Hosted on cloud, Pocket HRMS is the perfect pick-me-up HRMS software for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

HR Software Solution

Vision & Mission:

Our vision behind creating Pocket HRMS and HR bot is to declutter your HR department and make it more friendly, welcoming and efficient. 

Simply put, people first is our motto behind developing Pocket HRMS. Successful businesses put their employees at first.

We at Pocket HRMS understand this apparent fact. In fact, we believe that people are the most crucial element for any business and the way a business manages its people decides its fat.So in an attempt to help businesses put people first, our HRMS software designed keeping in mind the same ideology. Partnering with Pocket HRMS is not just a business deal, in fact, it is a unison of people blended with a fine mix of technology and intelligence.

Though we are aware of the fact that cloud technology is still a sophisticated thing for many, we also acknowledge the fact that an increasing number of companies are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon.With Pocket HRMS, your human resources department would function like never before with improved transparency and efficiency.


Simplifying Payroll. More Power to HR. No Spreadsheets.