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Do you want to deliver bad news? 

Most likely “NO” but you would be glad to deliver a piece of information that is valuable to the receiver. That’s what a feedback email after an interview is for the candidates. You need to make it a positive input which will help them in their future rather than just a rejection email. This way you soften the blow and also succeed to maintain a good relationship with a promising candidate for future recruitment that suits their skill set.



What is an Interview Feedback Email?

Interview feedback email is part of official communication from the company where you inform the unsuccessful candidate about their rejection along with feedback. Providing feedback to the candidate after the interview is a crucial part of the interview process. 



What are the benefits of Interview Feedback Email?

Display Professional courtesy

The interview can be energy and time-consuming for anyone. Most candidates invest a lot of time into preparation for the specific interview to ensure that they crack it. They might even come close to the selection and you reject them and reject someone a little better. Providing feedback to them as soon as possible is likely to help them to do better in their future interview.

Giving feedback is a courtesy to the candidate and also shows you in a professional light. A well-crafted feedback email will put a good foundation for talent management in future.



Employer Branding 

The talent market is tough as ever and just a good compensation package won’t get you, top candidates. You also need an excellent employer brand to make your offer lucrative. By sending feedback for the interview they got rejected shows that you value their skills and talent. The feedback email drafted in a positive tone also makes you stand out as an employer as not many companies bother to send feedback emails or tell them about the rejection either. And doing the right thing in the right way is likely to make the candidate talk positively about the company as a good employer to other people.



Candidate Experience

The experience of the candidate is not limited to just a few minutes of the interview but comprises the entire recruitment process. This includes the first contact over phone or email, phone interview and overall quality of communication. How you treat people during the interview process forms a mental image of the employer. The interview feedback email can be a huge part of how you treat your prospective candidates. So it’s very important to clearly communicate all the necessary information to the rejection candidate.



A Development Guide

The feedback email can be helpful for both the company as well as the candidate. You may see the potential in the applicant but reject them for some crucial skill they lack. Giving your employee specific and detailed feedback on their strengths and weaknesses helps them. They are likely to improve on their weaknesses and can be an ideal employee for your next vacancy. With the detailed feedback, you also let them know about the skills that you value for that role in the company. Working on these skills further can make them an even stronger candidate in the future than your present selection. This way you help applicants to identify the necessary skills and work in the right direction and also develop potential employees for the future.



Talent Management 

Today, organizations all over the world value talent management and are regularly working towards it. This way they can get the best talent in the market for the company. Talent management is all about identifying potential talent and keeping a good relationship with them and representing your company as a good employer. 


When you help the candidate with their skill development they understand that you can be a good employer for them. In future when you are recruiting for a position that matches the skill set of the applicant you don’t have to start from scratch. You will have the potential employee who went through the entire process already and now you just have to check for a few aspects that you found lacking when they got rejected. This will save a lot of time, effort and other company resources.



How to write a job interview feedback email to a candidate?

Any official communication during the hiring process is the representation of the employer’s brand. The Feedback email to the unsuccessful candidates has to be crafted with extra care to ensure that it has the intended impact and does not portray the company in an adverse light.  Use formal letter format and positive language to make your feedback adequately formal.

Maintain a respectful tone throughout the interview and the email. You also need to ensure that the email does not come across as highly critical and condescending in your feedback. Following are a few tips to help you compose an impactful positive email for interview feedback.



Express Gratitude

Always start your email with words of thanks towards the candidate. As they considered your company as an employer and put their time and efforts into the recruitment process. Let them know you appreciate their effort.



Immediate Feedback 

The feedback can be useful if you quickly act upon it. Giving feedback with points of improvement after several other interviews where they could have used it may not be very pleasant or useful. The key for any type of feedback is to provide it as soon as possible so that the receiver can implement a better strategy. 




Personalize the Feedback

The further the candidate travelled in their recruitment journey the more suitable they were for the job position. Even if you have rejected the candidate there are skills that made them worthy to move forward in the interview. Talk to candidates about the qualities and skills in them that the company values. 


You can make this feedback email highly personalized by referring to specific conversations that happened or what made them stand out from other applicants. Mentioning positive aspects of an interview puts them in a positive mindset and they are more likely to accept the input on their weakness that comes next.



Discuss the Shortcomings

It is good to know that you got rejected in the job interview so now you can go ahead and put your energy and time into another job vacancy. It is even better to know why you got rejected for the job so you can work on it and never get rejected for the same reason.

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