Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies
Up your Manpower Consulting Game with Pocket HRMS!
Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies
Up your Manpower Consulting Game with Pocket HRMS!

With hiring volumes expected to shoot up, recruitment agencies and human consulting firms need to buckle up to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to assisting their clients in sourcing the best talents. Yes, the talent war is predicted to turn brutal in the coming years. To achieve this feat, recruitment agencies ought to embrace new technology and tools, which is the reason payroll services for recruitment agencies are gaining momentum these days. However, to find the best talent out there, recruitment firms ought to employ the best talents to do the job. This calls for a highly empowered and engaged workforce. Can payroll software for recruitment agencies be of any assistance here?

HR Challenges for Recruitment Agencies:
  • Problems with employee database management.
  • Paper-based HR processes.
  • Payroll problems.
  • Data security risks.
  • Time-consuming admin work.
  • Manual tax calculations.
  • Manual time/attendance tracking.
  • Lack of self service portal for employees.
  • Timesheet management.
  • Document management.
  • Data entry and clerical errors.
Gaining Competitive Edge with Pocket HRMS:
  • Improved efficiency across several key HR functions
  • Improved payroll accuracy
  • Zero payroll redundancies and inconsistencies
  • Automated payroll and salary computations
  • Instant access to employee information
  • Centralized HR database
  • Statutory compliance
  • Holistic performance tracking
  • Customizable HR MIS reports

Move an inch closer to your goal of becoming the best recruitment agency by empowering your workforce with the help of Pocket HRMS, the best payroll software for recruitment agencies. Save tons of hours each month with the help of our cloud based payroll software recruitment agency rather than relying on tedious, time-consuming and those old-school paper based HR practices. Our payroll software for recruitment agencies makes it a cakewalk to track and retrieve huge volumes of employee data across multiple locations, monitor attendance/performance, calculate taxes and process payroll, all without touching even a piece of paper.