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Real Estate Payroll Software
Reshaping Payroll for Real Estate!
Real Estate Payroll Software
Reshaping Payroll for Real Estate!

Post the ‘Make in India’ and ‘GST’ rollout, real estate has turned out as one of the booming sectors across the country. Real estate includes construction of residential, public and commercial infrastructures. Further, exploding population and urban living have triggered a steep surge in the demand for new jobs, homes, offices, etc. Thus leading businesses operating in the retail industry to beef up hiring, which eventually would incur novel HR challenges such as automated payroll for construction companies and employee database management for realtors.

HR Challenges for Real Estate Industry:
  • Managing workforce spread across multiple geographies
  • Lack of payroll automation
  • Lack of automated time tracking and shift management
  • Employee work hours tracking
  • Problems with attendance management
  • Problems with reports and salary details
  • Problems dealing with statutory compliances and reporting
  • Tracking sick leaves, vacation and absenteeism
  • Increment and performance management
  • Benefits calculations
  • Full and final settlement
  • Employee bonus and insurance
  • Arrears calculation
Real Estate Payroll Software:

Payroll software for agents and businesses operating in the real estate industry helps with the following:

  • Payroll automation
  • Full statutory compliance
  • Centralized hub for employee records
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Multi-location salary and wage disbursements
  • Automated time/attendance tracking
  • Paperless leave management
  • Employee self service portal
  • Faster MIS report generation
  • PF and other employee tax calculations
  • Formula based earnings and deductions
  • Flawless performance tracking
  • Overtime calculation
  • Benefits calculation