Payroll Software for Accountants
A Payroll software that is loved by hundreds of accountants!
Payroll Software for Accountants
A Payroll software that is loved by hundreds of accountants!
Whether you are an accounting firm, chartered accountant or a tax-consulting firm, finding a good payroll software for accounting firms is always a challenging task. This is where Pocket HRMS comes to the rescue. Yes, one of the leading and best payroll software for accountants, Pocket HRMS addresses the hassles of doing payroll, filing taxes, saving hundreds of year each year by automating critical payroll and taxation functions saving your clients from penalty situation and non-compliances.
HR Challenges for Accounting Firms:
  • Statutory compliance: Given the diversity of clienteles, it becomes a nightmare for personnel at accounting firms to comply with statutory compliances and employment tax regulations.
  • Payroll processing: One of the biggest challenges faced by accounting firms is processing huge volumes of payroll data.
  • Reporting: Running and generating HR MIS reports for such large volumes of data is no easy feat as well without an online payroll software for accountants. Reporting the same to clients only adds to the nightmare.
  • Tax management: Calculating the correct amounts for employment taxes and filing the same automatically.
  • Employee management: Tracking individual employee payroll (hourly/weekly/monthly), managing overtime, benefits, etc.
  • Time tracking: Tracking work timings and extracting the same from attendance system for calculating correct salaries.
  • Data entry errors: Admin and clerical errors often lead to costly penalties.
Pocket HRMS – The Perfect Payroll Software for Accountants!
  • Cloud based payroll software for accountants providing unparalleled mobility and flexibility.
  • Streamlines critical HR and payroll functions across multiple geographies/locations.
  • Processes huge volumes of payroll data at warp speed.
  • Tracks individual payroll information and attendance data.
  • Calculates employment taxes and helping file the same in time.
  • Generates critical HR MIS and payroll reports at lightning speed.
  • Get timely reminders (emails, notifications, messages) when it’s to file taxes.
With a centralized payroll hub and automatic report generation functionalities, our payroll software for accountants help save a decent amount of time that can be utilized to address other core HR functions. Pocket HRMS paves way for flexible payroll. Running payroll from on the go is no more a distant dream with the best payroll software for accountants at your disposal. Our payroll software for accounting firms helps you collaborate with your clients in real-time shunning the need to share files, all at a budget-friendly price tag!