Your Handy Guide for Employee Retention

Employee Retention guide
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The life of an HR revolves around employees, well at least during office hours. They have to track employee performance, manage leaves, provide benefit packages, etc. and as for the company, the HR needs to maintain quality employees for improved productivity and organizational efficiency, which also includes retaining proficient employees.

However, when a certain employee has made up his mind to resign, it becomes strenuous and taxing to make him change his decision.

But as they always say, “Precaution is better than cure”, why run for a cure, when you can try preventing such a scenario.

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Below are a few simplistic precautionary methods an HR should undertake to retain the best talents:

1. Survey:

Providing a questionnaire to your employees to know about their expectations and their feedbacks for the company can help you know more about them and their needs. This can help you provide next-gen HR services for your employees.

2. Healthy environment:

A healthy environment means a peaceful workplace, teams getting along well, hygienic and clean workspace. Employees already have to deal with lots of pressure, but a good working space can put them at ease and help them boost productivity.

3. Pays and benefits:

Providing salary on time and other benefits such as medical-claim, PF, emergency leaves, allowance, etc. help develop respect and loyalty towards the company.

4. Appraisal and hikes:

Promoting and providing appraisals indicates that the company is appreciating the hard work and dedication of employees. It also motivates employees to work more efficiently instead of planning to leave. Having a performance appraisal software is of great help here, since it would help HR managers to provide unbiased performance reviews.

5. Closing the gap:

HR has to fill the gap between employees and management. Many times, employees decide to move out, because they want to be heard but find an array of barriers between them. Therefore, HR should try being their voice and help them break the barriers.

6. Fun and events:

Recreational activities, fun week, games, etc. help team members to get along well, enhance teamwork, and help them relax from their hectic schedules.

7. Keeping commitments:

If a promise for a comp-off, bonus, or any other benefit is made to an employee, then it ought to be fulfilled or it may shatter their trust forcing them to move out of the company.

8. Giving some space:

It is crucial to understand that your employee has a personal life too. Extra work pressure, frequent overtime, work on holidays, etc. and to top that failing to provide compensations and restricting them is like forcing them to leave.

9. Learn:

One of the leading reasons for an employee to leave is when he feels there is nothing more to learn. Moreover, lack of excitement or challenges can make the job monotonous. Thus, interesting training programs and an occasional change to their monotonous working patterns can help them stay for longer.

Though it is inevitable to stop an employee who has made his mind to leave the company, for everyone else, following these simple ways will not only help in employee retention but also boost productivity and efficiency, enhance team management and eventually help build a better future for the company.

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