Workplace and COVID-19: How HR can prevent the untoward?

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Workplace and COVID-19
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Fast Facts of Coronavirus-

  • The novel coronavirus is a respiratory disease
  • A single infected person can spread the illness to more than 400 people in a month
  • Asymptomatic COVID-19 is another form

How it spreads?

  • People within 6 feet of the radius with the infected person can get the illness
  • Upon touching objects kept in open might get you illness
  • Sneezing or coughing without closing your mouth can spread the virus

What employers can do to prevent panic at the workplace?

  • Avoid handshakes at the office. Instead, say “Namaste!”
  • Convery the right information to employees and avoid rumors
  • Follow WHO guidelines
  • Follow MHA guidelines to curb the spread
  • Ensure workforce strength is less than 50 percent until lockdown

How employers can prevent the spread of coronavirus at office?

  • Social distancing
  • Workplace sanitization
  • Work from home

How can HR manage a remote workforce?

  • Clear your goals and deliverables of employees

Manage your team in the right way. It is the responsibility of the team manager to keep the team on the same page and ensure work is in progress. Ensure that team members don’t feel isolated – happens often while working from home.

Set up a set of goals and project deliverables by a particular member and make it sure that he/ she follows the deadlines.

Regular tracking of employees can solve the issues of people getting cut off.

  • Measure productivity with Timesheets

Automated timesheet management helps you stay ensured with the team’s productivity throughout lockdown. With no right tools, you might miss the resource, and project would get delayed. Efficient timesheet management lets you know how an employee spends their working hours at home.

  • Workforce engagement with timely online meets

Remote workforce engagement is another challenge for HR department. Keeping your employees connected mentally and socially over a call (video conferencing) might help the organization. Weekly meets or reporting over conference call can contribute a part in workforce management.

  • Empowered workforce with self-service

Self-service portal for employees empowers them to check HR details, manager details, upcoming events, shift details, etc. through their phone. It brings the HR department at their fingertips. Generating timesheet reports for the manager and downloading monthly slips for employees makes it easy for the HR department. Now, the HR manager need not bother every minute.

Integrated ESS (Employee self-service) with an HRMS system can make leave management and appraisal management easier for the workforce.

  • Cloud payroll for remote workers

Monthly payroll for employees may seem difficult without any online system. A reliable and dedicated cloud-based HRMS system with an integrated payroll module can make it happen with minimum human intervention and curbed errors. Also, payroll department doesn’t have to worry about the compliances at cloud payroll.

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