Working from Home? 4 ways to Keep your Mental Health Sane

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Mental Health Sane
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It may sound dream come true – Work from home! Home working may be the best part of your work life. But, due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is now complete lockdown for almost every country, which means you cannot go anywhere outside. Complete lockdown at home.

The schedule seems to be restricting to wake up-eat-work-sleep-wake up and that’s it. No physical activity would make you restless and affect your mental health as well.

Working from home brings challenges like leave management, payroll, physical as well as mental state of employees, etc.

Here we have brought top 4 ways to stay dedicated and sane throughout-

  • Do not over-work

Create a perfect work-life balance while working at home. After all, it’s all about making your life better that you are working. Isn’t it? Schedule your work, make daily tasks’ list and work accordingly.

While working at home, it may happen that you are stuck to the desk entire day with low quality work. Instead, work limited and be productive. Follow the same 9 hours rule.

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  • A dedicated space

Dedicated workspace can help you keep several distractions away. Home workers can often be seen thrown on a couch/ sofa, stuck to TV and laptop in their arms. This can even lead to missing your deadlines and later put you in state of pressure.

One of the most common reasons of not submitting your deliverables is due to distractions which are caused due to not having a dedicated corner to work.

  • Take healthy breaks

A healthy 10-min break after every 90 minutes of the work can promise you best productivity. A short break or relaxation to your brain and body can win best results.

Try doing some breathing exercises, walk with pet around, wash some used utensils or anything and see the results.

  • Avoid lunching at desk

Honestly, this is what most of you do while working from home. Having lunch or light snacks at your desk is not a good idea. One major reason is that you will remain seated for longer durations. Having lunch can be a good excuse of having a break from being in same position and work.

Also, you don’t even enjoy your food at such position. And, who on the earth would not love to enjoy their food? So, prevent the burnout and take breaks!

I hope you loved the ideas. Don’t forget to practice them. Got some ideas? Paste them here –

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