Why your employees may ditch you sooner than you think?

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Eureka! You just hired a super energetic 22-year-old chap, who is underpaid as per the position. He might notice the lower paycheck, but what if you provide him with the likes of ping-pong table, free snacks, extra day-offs and other perks? Maybe, that should make up for the low paycheck that he is receiving, whilst hiding the brutal fact that you cannot afford him.

Understand that poor treatment is one of the common causes of losing the best employees. There are other common reasons why your employees may ditch you sooner than you think. Here are few:

     1. Mentor your people or else someone else will do

If you rebuff the ideas of your employees, they will simply wonder if their ideas are worth or if you are insecure. This is true especially if you take the entire credit for something ingenious your employees did or achieved.

     2. They will leave the company if they feel intimidated

An increasing number of employees are going intolerant when it comes to coercion. In fact, a huge chunk of employees these days are working as freelancer, on temp-basis and independent consultants. So the moment they feel backed into a corner, they will realize they can do much better. Simply put, employees do have their options.

     3. Not every reason to leave will be animus

It can be bad news or good news depending on how you perceive it. In either ways, not every motive or reason to leave is going to be based in a bitter relationship between the employer and employee. In simple words, there are certain things that employers cannot offer their people.

For instance, though business owners can decide on a client basis on cultural fit, there is still a chance that a few of their employees might dislike that client. Now, it is quite illogical for a business to shun that client simply because a couple of its employees don’t like their communication etiquette, work style, etc. and you might end up assigning the same client to some other chap, which sometimes might fail to work. Such a crisis situation could be well averted by having free agents or employees.


Whilst a growing number of employees might see a good opportunity for making a more flexible and better life for themselves that circles around their terms, employers can reap benefits as well. As such, a business can avert unnecessary expenses by having a diverse workforce in terms of both personality and skillsets.

Imagine a future where recruitment is temporary, reputations would rule and each employee is deemed as a small business in a bigger business setting. It might seem challenging, but remember that challenge is turning more and more relevant with each passing day.

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