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If you have worked in an office setting, you might have already come across the feeling that your co-workers don’t understand the challenges you go through especially from co-workers that come from department other than yours. This ubiquitous thing is a common phenomenon at almost every workplace be it big or small, particularly prevalent between HR and IT departments.

This conflict between HR and IT has become a thing of concern for businesses particularly in today’s HR tech landscape, where technology is serving as the driving force towards the success and growth of organisations worldwide.

Human resources function is on the brink of transforming the way employees carry out their work, collaborate with other teammates thus, these two departments ought to work as a team and not as foes. Here’s how to achieve that:

Maintain flexibility

First and foremost, the IT department ought to collaborate with the human resources team to ensure flexibility at workplace. Reason being more and more employees these days prefer to have a collaborative and flexible work environment that helps them improve productivity and efficiency at work.

In fact, a flexible workplace is proven to improve employee happiness and engagement to great extents. On the other hand, active collaboration among the workforce facilitated through technology has a great impact on organisational efficiency and performance. Simply put, better and increased access to technology ensures an engaged and happy workforce.

HRM is undergoing seismic changes

HRM solutions are undergoing exciting changes offering a plethora of opportunities for talent sourcing and management to the HR. In simple words, the definition of HRM is transforming. Previously, HRMS would just infer a system of records/data with compromising flexibility and was more process-oriented. In addition, implementation of these HRMS systems was a burden due to the extended implementation times with extensive admin efforts to be put in from HR personnel to help keep the system up-to-date.

HCM solutions available today offer employee self-service portal curbing admin HR chores largely thus, allowing them to focus on other important tasks such as talent development and retention. Further, these advanced HRM solutions come with excellent MIS reporting modules and talent management features to identify and reward employee performance. Most importantly, cloud technology has dramatically reduced implementation times of these HRMS solutions.

So it’s high time we question ourselves as how can digital transformation of HR be successful without involving its IT department? Understand that IT plays a crucial role in an organisation’s digital transformation uplifting HR and its function.

To conclude, one can say that HR and IT teams when work in tandem helps to tackle challenges related to employee retention, skills development and in developing as well as maintaining flexible workplaces and practices.

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