Why HR should wake up to the idea of employee engagement in 2019?

employee engagement
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What does employee engagement mean? Why is it so important to be discussed? Is it same as employee satisfaction.

Employee engagement is the act of keeping your employees focused and passionate about their job. This makes them understand what is expected out of them. Unfortunately, many HR professionals find it challenging to keep their employees engaged.

There are factors that make it difficult for an HR to focus on employee engagement activities and programs. Here are few them:

  • Paperwork:
    In today’s high-tech world, which is businesses running on industry 4.0 concept, there is a huge requirement of automated system, which can automatically read and log data. Unfortunately, some enterprises still run on an old school and legacy tools. Since there are many other responsibilities of an HR to be followed such as hiring, employee payroll, onboarding, employee engagement often takes a backseat.
  • No support from management:
    Employee management and engagement is considered as core HR duties. Nevertheless, when it comes to support from different departments or any special investment in such activities, there is often a blind eye. They won’t get support from management for such activities, as they already need to invest time and efforts in other activities. Thus, HR professionals tend to neglect this step.
  • Mundane queries:
    There are often queries asked by employees. Such queries include payslips, dayoffs, tax details, etc. This mostly happens where there are no self-service portals available to employees. Queries like these can be answered from an AI based HR chatbot, which comes with leading HRM software solutions these days thus, leaving the HR with more time at hand that can be focused on employee engagement activities and programs.
  • No culture development:
    A good culture directly leads to employee engagement. Employees understand the culture and expectations. They feel connected to the values and goals of the company and feel supported. Culture and employee engagement are closely related. To improve employee engagement, improve your company culture.

Thus, to conclude, it can be said that equipping your HR department with a robust HRMS software can help your HR people focus more on employee engagement activities. To know how Pocket HRMS can help, or write to us at sales@pockethrms.com


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