Why Employee Pulse Surveys are more important than ever for HR?

Employee Pulse Surveys
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As we know that employee engagement surveys are excellent, but unfortunately, they are rarely conducted. In fact, a yearly engagement survey can render a bird’s eye view of your entire workforce and their views about the work culture and organisation as a whole.

Engagement survey in every six months or year is too long time period, since a lot tends to happen in between. This is the reason many organisations and business leaders are killing the stone-age practice of annual performance surveys.

Employee engagement has become a quintessential topic for HR personnel these days. Reason being engaged employees tend to be more productive, take fewer day-offs, happier, etc. This is the reason measuring workforce engagement has to be a frequent thing and not a yearly affair. This triggers the need for having employee pulse surveys.

What exactly are employee pulse surveys?

It is a precise and specific survey type. Often limited to a maximum of 10-12 questions with focus on specific areas for improvement. The USP of pulse surveys is that they happen quickly and as they lay much emphasis on areas for improvement, it puts the management on its toes to take prompt actions on the feedbacks received.

Further, as these surveys are precise, HR department can choose to conduct these every week. This might mean asking one question a week, but ensure that you don’t put forth the same question every week. Variation is the key here!

Here are few things to consider when rolling out pulse surveys for your employees:

     1. Ensure anonymity

It is imperative to make your people feel comfortable in order for them to respond with honest answers to the survey questions. Thereby, ensure that the survey answers will stay completely anonymous and they are free to put their hearts out.

     2. Communicate, communicate and communicate

Remember, there is no better alternative than communicating with your employees. Yes, communicate with your people about the very purpose of the pulse surveys to clear air of confusion, if any. Eureka! It will help greatly with the quality of participation and responses you will get from the employees. Most importantly, communicate clear with your employees about the survey results and expected time-frame for results to take place. An automated employee management system can be of great help in communicating with your employees about the weekly/monthly pulse surveys.

     3. Always share the survey results

Ensure to share the survey results to your employees irrespective of the position or department. Even if the survey results tend to be undesirable, it is important that your employees know about the same. Sharing survey results indicate that you trust your people, which can go on to develop high morale and engagement.

To know how a cloud technology can help you conduct employee pulse surveys in an efficient manner, contact us. You can drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com or give us a shout out at Twitter or Facebook.


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