Where will HR Chatbots be in 1 year from Now?

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What is a chatbot? To put it simple, chatbot is a programmed bot, which is capable of replicating a human at some instances, where basic communication is required. Also an application of AI (Artificial intelligence) which helps in conducting conversation with any person virtually. Primarily, it solves your queries within seconds without any human intervention.

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So, what are some ways you can make use of a chatbot to the fullest for your business? Listed below are 4 most in-trend benefits of a chatbot:

  • Virtual HR Assistant

HR chatbot doesn’t fall asleep and is available 24 x 7. If an employee ever reaches to a chatbot for any basic query, he/she need not waste time waiting for the concerned person to join. Instead, the HR chatbot can itself attend the questions and provide the needed answers.

Did you know? Chatbots can save around 30% of the amount a business spends on employee management.

  • Recruitment

Recruitment activities include creating templates and jobs, sourcing, screening and filtering candidates. They include basic steps that are repeated for every hiring process. Chatbots can help cover such things and save time for HR. In addition, AI technology has already been transforming the recruitment process as we see it. It helps in screening the best CVs through a pool of applications to find the best-fit in the least time. Also, chatbot can update the candidates about the hiring status – much craved one!

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  • Added humor

Another good thing is humor. An AI-based HR chatbot though might lack the human touch, but it won’t get disappointed. So, no chance of replying or speaking in a bad mood. Whatever may be the instance, a positive reply by chatbot can engage the person on the other side in a better way. AI and machine learning algorithms help these chatbots to perform more like humans with a tinge humor to make the conversation more healthy and engaging.

  • Employee engagement

Employees as we know are the most important asset for a business. Today, we have intelligent HR chatbots that can learn and identify an employee’s mood thus, helping them indulge in a more engaging and constructive interaction. Going a step further, HR can leverage this data to drive employee engagement to the next level.

These were few interesting applications of an AI-driven HR chatbot for a business and its employees as well as HR. Chatbots have definitely got something for the businesses of future. It not only focusses on HRM, but also customers, which are the real profit-givers. So, stay ahead of the rest, make a call now itself.

Furthermore, if you wish to explore more about how our HR chatbot can drive employee engagement for your business, contact us here! You can also drop us a mail at sales@pockethrms.com for a FREE demo!


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