What to look inside HR Management system? [IMPORTANT]

HR Management system
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While your team gets bigger and business expands, so challenges to manage them increases. Bigger the team, larger the difficulty to serve them. It becomes a struggle for the HR people to handle employee data and keep up the staff.

An automated HR management system could be your best friend here. A dedicated HR solution comes up with intuitive modules like leave management solution, payroll module, recruitment solution, and much more.

But the challenge here is, which software to go with? How to do the hunt of right HR management system successfully?

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The list below comprises of must-have features of HRMS system. Have a look below-

  • Cloud-support

With everything getting online and remote, a solution available online and easily accessible through mobile device is pickable. Cloud-based HRMS software lets your HR department work on the go. Reports and employee data can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Also, cloud-based solutions provide commendable benefits like data security and backups.

  • Self-service portal for Employees

Employee self-service portal lets your employees apply for leaves and access HR details on their own. Knocking HR department again and again for mundane queries like remaining leaves is no more needed. The portal makes data accessibility easier. HR intervention is eliminated with the ESS portal. Enjoy an empowered workforce!

  • Online leave management

Feature like online leave management system lets employees provide punch (attendance) details through their mobile phone. Manager can easily track attendance data and approve leave requests remotely. The module makes attendance management and therefore payroll seamless.

  • Compliance management

Managing payroll on your own could be fatal with the ever-changing amendments of payroll. Crucial parameters like PF, PTax, EPF, arrears, etc. make payroll very difficult without software assistance. Cloud based payroll module of HR management software eliminates payroll blues.

  • Scalability

Customizable templates and parameters let you scale your software with respect to your business vertical and requirements. A scalable and flexible HR solution is best fit to any aspiring business.

Discussed above are some most popular and in-trend HR solutions to manage your workforce and retain effectively.

Pocket HRMS is one such top performing business solution in India. To learn more, contact us NOW – sales@pockethrms.com

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