Back to the Future, again…2021: What the future will be like for HR?

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Self-driving cars, 3D printing, robots, virtual reality, wearable technology, and what not? We are already breathing the future. The future was and will always be enthralling and full of jaw-dropping surprises. The downpour of the future is impacting the way we travel, live, work, and do business.

Yes, business is one such arena that is doomed to witness huge seismic shifts in terms of technological advancements.

Business is about people irrespective of the industry a company operates in. Its people i.e., employees are the biggest assets and competitive advantage. In fact, they are the ones that make the magic happen. Talk about employee engagement or management and the very first word to pop in our heads is ‘human resource (HR) professionals’.

So what the future will be like for HR? What will be the essence and function of HR? How technology would reshape the roles of human resource personnel?

Hold your horses, as industry experts foresee some really cool and futuristic stuff for HR and this article will throw light on few prominent ones.

1. HR administration chores will be consolidated: If you are in a human resources department that distributes HR admin tasks all throughout the organization, then you are blowing up a lot of money. Yes, you aren’t reaping the benefits of technology. Whether you are consolidating your HR admin chores in-house are outsourcing it, you would certainly be consolidating them in the future probably via a centralized HRMS solution.

2. AI & Robots will take over monotonous HR chores: Yes, AI and robots would be doing most of the intricate and tiring HR tasks. For instance, many companies find it difficult to transfer employees due to multiple payroll tools or intricate legal structures. Eventually, a few years down the line, we can program a machine to do that in a very quick and seamless manner. 

 3. Brace yourself for a more strategic and intuitive breed of HRs: Human resource professionals of the future would be in a much better position to foresee the course of employee management rather than just offering indicators. The future won’t be about cribbing over employee turnover, but it is expected to be about telling what the turnover rate would be.

Yes, IoT, Big Data, and SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) collectively will make real-time management possible for human resource people. In addition, insightful data and algorithms would help HR managers and recruiters to make better hiring decisions.

4. The concept of the specialist is on the horizon: Gone are the days when HRs used to make decisions based on their gut feelings and things they hear at the coffee machine. BI Intelligence, analytics, and big data would turn a core competency thus, HR professionals that you would recruit in the future will possess marketing degrees, statistic degrees, economics degrees, but they still will be able to plan and execute a good Christmas bash.

 5. Managing a remote workforce would become crucial: Yes, mobile technology would be the future of employee management. Managing a remote or mobile workforce is one of the greatest challenges for businesses worldwide. You will need folks with specific skillsets. In the future, people with such skills can work from anywhere, which is made possible with cloud and mobile-based HR solutions that facilitate HR to manage the workforce on the go.

So this is what the expert’s picture is the future of HR. The next-gen human resource generation will be much targeted in its approach to a problem since it would straightaway dive into the data behind the problem. We would be increasingly looking out for specific skillsets and we would know where to invest our hiring money to get the right talent with the required skills.

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