What Is The Future Of Work? HR Or AI

Future Of Work
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The most appropriate answer to this frequently asked question is that the future of work is going to be Human Resource and Artificial Intelligence combined. AI is one of the most pressing priorities of the HR department right now. It requires them to have a team that is fluent and well-versed with the latest technology to take the utmost advantage of the AI, where the AI is developed to be more human, intuitive, and personal.

As we are entering 2021, every company knows for a fact that the incorporation of AI with the HR department is going to transform the employers’ and employees’ lives tremendously. When it comes to the advantages of integrating AI in a company, they are remarkably numerous. We have accumulated the top benefits of why the combination of AI and the HR department is a wise decision-

  • Enhancement Of Candidate Experience

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, its first role or pivot in maximum companies is in talent acquisition. This is one area where the advantages of Artificial Intelligence are clearly visible. The companies see various changes like reduced time in the hiring process, increased productivity of the HR department, and delivery of an enhanced candidate experience that is plain-sailing. Recruiters no longer have to screen thousands of applications manually. The AI in the hiring process automatically shortlists the candidates based on their qualifications and the requirements that the job role entails. In fact, with advanced technology, there are chatbots that answer the queries of the candidates, reducing the burden on the HR department all the more.

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  • Candidate Engagement

It doesn’t matter how many applications a company receives, if they miss out on the most qualified candidate it all becomes of no worth. Needless to say, handling the hiring process manually consumes a lot of time and creates immense pressure on the HR department. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the interview process becomes easy and remains so up until the potential candidate is found. Artificial intelligence can help in giving the candidates a quick insight into the company’s work culture and its values. If the candidates are interested, they can directly talk to the HR department to further the hiring process.

  • Unbiased Interviews

Diversity is still a major challenge for many companies. Let’s be honest but anytime we interact with someone, we automatically judge them, be it their age, gender, religion, etc. without even being aware of it. Thinking about such differences is considered detrimental stereotyping known as unconscious bias. Unconscious bias is actually a sugar-coated term for discrimination that is often found everywhere, but the recent progressive world has shed a light on such discriminative bias in the hiring process. Artificial Intelligence does not discriminate and gives us an answer based on qualifications, not assumptions. With the right technology and tools, a company can simplify its sourcing and screening methods that are based on accurate and reliable data. The most idyllic feature of AI in the recruitment process is blind testing. Blind testing means that you can judge your candidates based on their performance in the test, with an anonymous profile.

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The artificial intelligence for recruitment will compare the question and answers, and accordingly display the ranks of the top-matched answers or top-performed candidates. With partiality like confirmation bias, where the employers form an initial assumption, usually within a matter of seconds, and stick to it throughout the interview, ranging from gender, to age, many organizations end up losing the candidate who would have been perfect for the given job description. Using AI for removing bias in hiring, works tremendously as it creates a third-party opinion that is purely based on talent and not any other judgement. Many times only candidates who hail from high ivy league colleges can apply for the particular job role, which is not fair as the job should be given on the basis of a person’s talent and knowledge, not on the basis of where they have graduated from. It is impossible to remove bias from everywhere altogether, but by using artificial intelligence it is possible and one company at a time is also enough to make a difference and inspire others.

  • Scheduling

Interviews are the bane of a lot of employees’ existence, but alas, they never go away. Scheduling meetings and interviews, either virtual or face-to-face, requires a lot of time and effort. Artificial intelligence does this easily by comparing everyone’s calendar and gives date and time options according to the availability of both the parties.


Technology if used right, can be the future of the work-culture of every organization. With the combination of a talented HR team and Artificial Intelligence, every process of the recruitment, right from identifying the perfect candidate to their onboarding, can become efficient and seamless. Thus, it is essential that companies start seeing the benefits of integrating AI for their business, to make the work processes more productive and efficient.

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